The stone in the video is our top 5A quality White Colorless marquise shape faceted diamond cut gemstone, the size of it is 20.5×10.5mm, Nice faceting and cutting, Brilliant and sparkling, We can make 5A Top quality of white cubic zirconia in other fancy shapes as well. Wholesale at factory direct pricing from China Suppliers and manufacturers. Contact us at :


FU RONG is a professional manufacturers and suppliers of Synthetic And Natural Gemstones, we supply Synthetic Gemstones such cubic zirconia, corundum, spinel, nano crystal, harden Glass, Lab grown diamond, Lab created gemstones, Moissanite Diamond gemstones, natural gemstones such as aquamarine, onyx, amethyst, topaz, tourmaline..ect. many kinds of gemstones.. On this web, we’re uploading the videos of all kinds of the gemstones we’re dealing well, hope it’ll give you more ideal of the quality of our gemstones. , And we’ll try to upload the videos every week…not only the gemstones, but discover the gemstones cultures of china.. hope you enjoy it!

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