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Usually, we upload all of our videos to to Youtube or Vimeo.., but these platforms could not display the videos functionally. Especially it’s difficult to sort the videos like a catalogue of a website.
So, we decide to build this Video website to display the videos of our gemstones more functionally & read friendly.
Of course, you can visit our Youtube channel if you don’t like visiting here. Youtube Channel

We’re sorting the videos by Catalogue and ‘Series-playlist’ , and also with the ‘tag’ .

In this Video Website, we’re sorting the videos by Catalogue and ‘Series-playlist’ , and also with the ‘tag’ , where you can find the videos you want easily. 
Or you can search the video with the key word as you like.

Our videos cover many kinds of Synthetic and Natural Gemstones, Synthetic Gemstones such cubic zirconia, corundum, spinel, nano crystal, harden Glass, Lab grown diamond, Lab created gemstones, Moissanite Diamond gemstones, natural/genuine gemstones ..as there’re many colors and shapes for the gemstones, we haven’t taken videos for all the stones yet.. but we’re trying…
We’re trying to upload videos every week..

You can contact/send us email or leave comments to request an video if you don’t find it.

Alright, hope you like this website.. don’t forgot to share it with your friends.


FU RONG is a Professional Supplier and the Real Factory which have many years experience in manufacturing Loose Cubic Zirconia (CZ diamond),Moissanite Diamond Gemstones,Synthetic Opal Gems,Nano Gemstones,lab created gems,Simulated Glass Gems and Other Synthetic and Natural Gemstones with hand-cut or Machine cutting, gemstones with quality from A quality, AAA quality and Top AAAAA quality for jewelry making and distribution.

Our Advantage:

  1. We’re located in the Biggest Synthetic gemstones manufacturing base in the World—Wuzhou City, Guangxi province of China, Which also honored as the-Capital of Synthetic gemstones in the world’’.

  2. We have many gemstone processing machines and skillfully workers; For example, The capacity of our production for Cubic Zirconia 0.7mm-3mm is more than 3000,000pcs monthly. We can provide client with gemstones in any color,specification with very high quality.It is our aim and guarantees to finish product order strictly and Punctually according to customer request. Loose-Gemstones-Cutting-Processs-FU-RONG

3. Strict quality inspection:

15 production processes ; 9 inspection processes ; 3-5 experienced QC checking ;Every gemstone has its quality assurance.



Top 6 Reasons to Choose FU RONG :

1.Low, Low Direct Factory Prices:

We are the Real Factory and Manufacturer, you can take advantage of amazingly low prices since there is no middle man. Working directly with the manufacturer removes some of the links in the supply chain (and their overhead), so you can enjoy a bargain price without sacrificing quality.

2. Quality Control:

One of the pitfalls to watch out for when dealing with overseas factories is when the samples get an “3A” grade but the actual products get a “A”. With FU RONG GEMS, Our Experienced QC Check the Stones carefully and strictly for Every order before shipment to give you peace of mind that what you ordered is what you will receive.

3. Exceptional Service and Punctual Delivery:

What good are low prices if your orders are not good as expected, your shipment arrives late (or not at all), you have to chase your supplier for updates, or you’re hit with unexpected fees and charges? FU RONG GEMS is unique because we bring Chinese Factory Prices + Different Countries Service Culture under the one roof.

4. Extensive Experience:

We didn’t just “pop up on the Internet overnight”. We have many Years working in Loose Cubic Zirconia and Jewelry industry, both inside and outside China, exporting to a wide range of countries. We know what customers expect and how to consistently deliver it.

5. Prices Updated:

As a manufacturer, we adjust our price now and then, for the purpose of guaranteeing our customers to be provided with quality products at the most competitive market prices.

6. Samples Are Readily Available:

You can see and feel what you’re getting before your order.

(Are the Samples Free?)

Our Approach:

We (FU RONG) strive to offer the customer the best prices with the highest quality according customers’ request. What we are seeking is our client’s 100% satisfaction and long term & good partnership.

We want to offer our clients a total purchasing solution where they can spend less time dealing with purchasing and more time developing new businesses.

You are warmly welcomed to join us and cooperate with us on the basis of mutual benefit and create a bright future together!

You’re passionate about your business and doing things right, So are we.

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FU RONG is a professional manufacturers and suppliers of Synthetic And Natural Gemstones, we supply Synthetic Gemstones such cubic zirconia, corundum, spinel, nano crystal, harden Glass, Lab grown diamond, Lab created gemstones, Moissanite Diamond gemstones, natural gemstones such as aquamarine, onyx, amethyst, topaz, tourmaline..ect. many kinds of gemstones.. On this web, we’re uploading the videos of all kinds of the gemstones we’re dealing well, hope it’ll give you more ideal of the quality of our gemstones. , And we’ll try to upload the videos every week…not only the gemstones, but discover the gemstones cultures of china.. hope you enjoy it!

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